How We Help You


L2 helps individuals, businesses and communities to achieve zero waste by reducing waste, recycling more and using resources sustainably


  • Develop a zero waste plan
  • Cut costs by recycling more and generating less materials
  • Develop more sustainable products and practices
  • Access grant funding to help offset zero waste start-up program costs
  • Increase recycling and organics collection services
  • Provide advice on green and cradle-to-cadle purchasing
  • Develop zero waste policy, mission, and goals
  • Create and corrdinate a green team
  • Conduct waste audits and/or waste characterication studies
  • Minimize the use of non-recyclable and wasteful items
  • Prepare internet-based surveys and field surveys
  • Gather baseline information gathering on existing and potential sustainability programs and initiative
  • Prepare zero waste plan for the community
  • Campaing support for councils and community groups
  • Increase recycling in public places
  • Embed zero waste thinking in the workplace, school or college
  • Provide information on waste, recyclign, and organics collection services and infrastructure
  • Develop zero waste event plans and programs

Employee Zero Waste Training and Workshop

  • Prepare a zero waste training presentation and materials
  • Research recycling and organics collection options specific to the business location
  • Design incentive programs to increase participation in the program

Zero Waste Venues and Events

  • Design and implement zero waste events
  • Selection options for recycing more and minimizing waste
  • Training of employees and volunteers
  • Coordinate ride share and public transportation programs
  • Coordinate America Recycles Day and Earth Day events

GHG Emissions Reduction

  • GHG emissions calculation, reporting, and tracking through recycling
  • GHG emissions reduction through recycling
  • GHG reduction program implmentation